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Steve Hammond

Hi, I'm Steven Hammond

Somebody once told me “Don't be a writer unless you can't not write.” Turns out I am pretty good at not writing. What I can't not do, is code. My passion is finding innovative ways to elevate the social experence of tabletop gaming with technology.

Got an idea for a project? Let's talk about it and see if I can help.

My Process

While each project is unique, these steps help ensure success.


  • Explore game with client
  • Find innovation opportunities
  • Examine web/native solutions
  • Share development plan


  • Design user experience
  • Code development
  • Automated testing
  • Alpha and beta testing


  • Deploy/launch new application
  • Iterate based on feedback
  • Monthly usage reports
  • Quarterly maintenence
Technology has changed the way hobby games are funded, produced and sold. Real disruption will occur when technology finally changes the way they are played.

Steven Hammond — founder of Northland Creative Wonders.


Here are some projects that I've worked on.

Story Beats Screenshot
Story Beats Map the audience's emotional journey through a story.
Sylvan Master Screenshot
Sylvan Master iOS App for Feng Shui II
FS2 Tools Screenshot
FS2 Tools Web Tools for Feng Shui 2
Lost Papyrus Screenshot
Lost Papyrus My Occasional Gaming Blog
Fantasy Olympian Screenshot
Fantasy Olympian Fantasy Sports — Olympic Style
Higgins Collection Screenshot
Higgins Collection A Museum's Arms and Armor Collection

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